Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Architectural Services Outsourcing

Architectural Services Outsourcing:-

In some countries architecture, as a profession providing architectural services, is sometimes referred to as "architectural engineering". In others, such as in Japan, the terms "architecture" and "building engineering" are used synonymously. The practice of architecture includes the planning, designing and oversight of a building's construction.

In some languages, such as Korean and Arabic, "architect" is literally translated as "architectural engineer". In some countries, an "architectural engineer" (such as the ingegnere edile in Italy) is entitled to practice architecture and is often referred to as an architect.[4] These individuals are often also structural engineers. In other countries, such as Germany and Austria, architecture graduates receive an engineering degree

In the world of architectural design, overheads can be significant. Personnel, computer systems, software, office space and drafting equipment require considerable investment by a company.

Types of Architectural services:-

Architectural Design Services which includes Commercial and Residential Architectural Services
Building Information Model
Architectural Drafting Services
Architectural Visualization
Landscape Drafting
I will be exalaining in detail about the above mentioned services in my next posting!!!!

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