Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What can be outsourced???

If one is considering outsourcing for the first time, and you’ve heard that it’s the non-core processes that are the top candidates. But you suspect that this would give rise only to low-level benefits, and ‘non-core’ processes sound like ‘unimportant’ ones. Do you really have any of those? What processes really can be outsourced? I will help you to identify what can be outsourced, what it means for your business,and what kind of benefits can be expected.

These are the following type of services which can be outsourced!!!
we will be discussing on these services in coming days. Please keep sending your comments here.
on all 80 services and I will not be posting on weekends (i.e. Saturday and Sunday)...

Academic research transcription services
Accounts payable services
Accounts receivable services
Accounts reconciliation services

Architectural services
Audio editing services
Audio transcription services
Bookkeeping services
Business transcription services
Call center services
Chat support services
Civil engineering services
Claims processing software
Clinical services
Content management systems
Conversion of raw images
Customer relationship management
Data auditing services
Data conversion services
Data entry services
Data management services
Data processing services
Digital image editing services
Disaster recovery services
Email support services
EMR software
Engineering services
Financial analysis services
Financial reporting services
Financial services
Foreign language transcription
Healthcare accounts receivable services
Healthcare services
Image blending services
Image cropping services
Image Processing services
Image manipulation services
Inbound call center services
Infrastructure management services
Insurance services
Legal transcription services
Maintenance services
Market research transcription services
Mechanical engineering services
Medical animation
Medical billing and coding
Medical claims processing
Medical transcription
Open source software development
Outbound call center services
Payroll services
Photo restoration services
Practice management software
Product development services
Reporting and analysis services
Software as a service (SAAS)
Software configuration services
Software services
Software testing services
Spanish data entry services
Spanish telemarketing services
French transcription services
French translation services
Structural engineering services
US Tax preparation
Technical helpdesk services
Toll free dictation transcription services
Transcription services
UK Vat returns
Video transcription services
Web enabling legacy applications
Website design services
Website optimization services
Search engine optimization
Write-up services