Saturday, July 4, 2009

US payroll services Outsourcing

Payroll service including tax filing is mandatory even if the form is a small or medium-sized business owner. There are so many options available.Even quick books offers two types of payroll service like Assisted payroll and Do-It-On your own payroll service.

Payroll is US is not as simple as in any other countries. There will be Federal withholding,state with holding and county with holding which need to be paid within due date failing which employer will face hefty penalty and even results in shutting the business.

There is a list of approved provider from IRS published in their site.

The following companies have passed the IRS Assurance Testing System (ATS) and/or Business Acceptance Testing (BATS) requirements for Software Developers, Reporting Agents, and Transmitters of electronic business returns to the IRS.

The Payroll Department’s responsibilities include:

•Providing cost-effective payroll processing that is accurate, timely and in compliance with University policy and all Federal and State agencies.
•Maintaining all employees’ records to ensure compliance and confidentiality.
•Ensuring all deductions, benefits and taxes are correctly deducted and reported timely to the appropriate agency.
•Attaining the most current understanding of Federal, State and University regulations regarding payroll in order to provide accurate information.

Some of the services provided by the Payroll Department are:
•Providing assistance to the university community with the resolution of operational problems related to employee’s salaries.
•Advising HR Liaisons and Managers in payroll related matters, including processing of salary actions, time and leave reporting, and related accounting and reporting.
•Maintaining a high-level of involvement and quality communication with the departments to ensure that service is responsive and supportive to their needs and goals.,,id=101120,00.html

Some of the services offered from payroll companies includes:

•Employee earnings statements.
•Payroll journals.
•Month-to-date department summaries.
•A notice of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities.
•Timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits.
•Payroll worksheets to record your next payroll.
•Direct credit to employees bank account on the specified date.
To know the payroll due date follow the blow link:-
To know the free payroll software to download follow the link:
If you are looking for fundamentals of US payroll you can download US master payroll guide using the link given below:
Link to download US master payroll PDF for free using the link given below:
Payroll professional looking for getting certification in payroll they can login to the following link:
The Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) is open to all those who wish to demonstrate a baseline of payroll competency. The FPC is designed for:
  • Entry-level Payroll Professionals
  • Sales Professionals/Consultants serving the payroll industry
  • Systems Analysts/Engineers writing payroll programs
  • Payroll Service Bureau Client Representatives
These are the services which can be processed from other countries which has good understanding of accounting and payroll services. Some of the countries where US payroll is processed includes India where one can get talented youths with good knowledge in accounting and payroll services.