Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free US Tax workflow system | Free Tax paperless workflow for 1040 1120 ,1065

Free US Tax workflow system:

•No Software to buy, lease, support or manage

•No naming files or creating folders
•No Set up fees
•No Contracts
•No Hidden charges
•No Hard drives needed
•No backup tapes to buy or worry about
•No Computer consultants to hire
•No Training to pay for
•No more lost tax papers (find anything in 1 second)
Originally we built this service for CPA firms (you know what sticklers they are about security and accuracy) Well it worked so well, our CPA firms started putting business and tax clients on the servers. So were expanding to any business or individual that hates dealing with paper.

Any number of taxpayers can be created individuals (1040), corporations (1120S) or partnership (1065).
Once the taxpayer is added by default four folders gets created Source Documents, Review Copy, Backup & Completed backup.

Then you can just email or upload the source documents & backup copy to the respective folders.

If the tax file is located on the client server, we can also login directly to their server & process the tax return online with the help of the documents sent to tax.paperlessovernight.net

The tax analyst will name each document, process the tax return & upload the completed back up in the completed backup folder.

If the tax analyst has any doubts, they simply code the page for review or clarification needed & ask you for any clarifications.

You can view the same page & once you clarify assign back the page to the tax analyst to proceed further.

For every taxpayer a separate task will be created, initially it will be in “Not Started” status. Later once the return is processed the status is changed to either “Ready to review” or “Need more details” or “Clarification needed”.

If any changes required the CPA can assign back the task in “Changes needed on tax return” status stating the changes required. Later the tax analyst makes necessary changes & modifies to ready to review.

And finally when the tax return is completed, it is marked as processed in the timer folder.

Based on the number of pages of the tax return, the level is fixed like 1-5 pages Level-1, 6-10 pages Level-2, 11-20 pages Level-3 & 20pages or more Level 4.

It very easy to search the documents of any taxpayer just in one second using different search options.
Every taxpayer is provided a personal web page with a unique user name & password.

It provides a fast search to any of his documents. With a few clicks you can find and see a PDF of any document related to the tax return.

The taxpayer has access to the source documents; clarification needed pages & final review copy of the tax return.

And the taxpayer can also save a pdf copy of the tax return.
More details http://www.cosmictax.com/  or email santhoshcom@cosmictechnologies.biz