Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New UK Visa norms for Indians | Visa regulations and Outsourcing

More UK visa curbs for Indians

London: Details of the British governments radical changes to rules governing work visas which will impact Indian applicants were unveiled by the Home Office here on Tuesday.Under the new system,employers will have to apply for a certificate of sponsorship (COS) from the UKs immigration service for a specific post if they wish to bring anyone to the UK a change from the current system which gives businesses a yearly allocation.

With Tuesdays announcement,the reorganisation and endeavour to plug loopholes have become integral to UKs new,tougher policy of restrictions on non-EU workers,effective from April 6.However,employers filling a vacancy that attracts a salary of 150,000 or more will not be subject to the limit on the number of COS that may be allocated.In other words,high value migrants are more welcome.Immigration Minister Damian Green admitted,Britain needs to attract the brightest and the best to fill jobs.

Green added,Weve worked closely with businesses while designing this system,and made it clear that employers should look first to people who are out of work and who are already in this country. He then warned that those who come to UK to work must know that we intend to make the route to settlement tougher.People coming to fill temporary skills gaps must not have open access to permanent settlement.

In December,the Home Office had announced that 20,700 visas will be the ceiling for skilled workers applying through Tier 2 of the Points Based System in the next financial year,as well as 1,000 visas under a new exceptional talent route.

Besides,the annual limit of 20,700 COS will be divided into 12 monthly allocations.Due to the likely demand in the first month,4,200 COS will be made available in April.After that the limit will be set at 1,500 places per month.Places unused each month will be rolled over to the next month.

Source: Times of india