Monday, February 21, 2011

Schengen visa in Bangalore | Get visa for European countries in Bangalore

Get visa for European countries in Bangalore:

Travellers to Europe can heave a great sigh of relief.You no longer need to go to Mumbai to get your Schengen visa as Bangalore itself,through the French Consulate General,will offer you that facility.

As of 21st February 2011, visa applicants from the States of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have to apply at the Consulate General of France in Bangalore. If you need to make an appointment, please send a fax on 080 22 14 12 25 with your contact details (mail, phone, fax). No phone call will be taken for appointment.

Visa applications from Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Daman and Diu shall still be handled by the Consulate General of France in Mumbai. Appointments can be obtained either on line on  or by calling : 0091 (22) 66 31 40 00.

Schengen visa is the one that enables you to travel to different European countries even if you have secured the visa from one particular nation.If France gives you the Schengen visa,apart from travelling to France,you can travel to any other country in Europe but within the number of days specified on the visa.

The good news for travellers from the city,the state and Andhra Pradesh is that the Consulate General of France in Bangalore began its visa operations on Monday at its new premises 21,Palace Road,Vasanthnagar.

The visas were previously issued in Mumbai.The only condition to obtain Schengen visa at this consulate is that travellers will either have to touch France first or should have that country as their main destination during their trip.

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Appointments have to be taken on the consulate general site In case of difficulty,applicants can dial 22141200 or fax 22141225.

What makes this decision by the Consulate General significant is that while travellers could so far go to visa application centres of certain countries like Italy,Belgium,Bulgaria,Germany and Spain in the city itself and get help from VFS,the authorized agency,the applications would be sent to Mumbai or New Delhi,take 15 days to be processed and the visa would be posted to the applicant.

Visa for Italy,Belgium,Germany or Schengen visa issued through any one of these countries would come

from Mumbai or New Delhi.With France deciding to issue visas right here,it saves a lot of processing time.The visa most likely would take just a day or two.A lot of Bangaloreans travel to Italy,France,Spain,Germany,Switzerland,Austria
Schengen visa is a pan-European visa you dont have to apply for separate visas for each country you wish to travel to
If you are given a Schengen visa by Italy,you can travel,for example,to Italy,France,Switzerland,Germany etc.You can land and take-off from Italy or you can land in Italy and return home from any other country.

No immigration officer of any European country which is part of the Schengen network and agreement asks you for a separate visa when you enter a country other than the country that gave you the Schengen visa

Travel through any European country is hassle-free with no procedures to follow or applications to fill in
With Schengen visa facility in Bangalore,it saves you trips to Mumbai and New Delhi if interviews are called for by any European consulate office