Monday, May 9, 2011

Find parking spot in US over phone | How to find free parking place in USA?

Cant find a parking spot Phone app will locate one in seconds

Matt Richtel

San Francisco: It is the urban drivers most agonizing everyday experience: the search for an empty parking place.
It is part sleuthing and part blood sport.Circling,narrowly missing a spot,outmaneuvering other motorists to finally ease into a space only to discover that it is off limits during working hours.In this city,it is also a vexing traffic problem.Drivers cruising for parking spots generate 30% of all downtown congestion,city officials estimate.
Now San Francisco professes to have found a solution a phone app for spot-seekers that displays information about areas with available spaces.The system,introduced last month,relies on wireless sensors embedded in streets and city garages that can tell within seconds if a spot has opened up.

Monique Soltami,a TV food and wine reporter,said she and her sister spent 25 minutes on Friday trying to park.We were praying to the parking god that wed find a spot, she said.If we had the app,we would not have to pray to the parking god.
But the system could come with serious consequences.Safety advocates say that drivers on the prowl for parking could wind up focusing on their phones,not the road.It could be really distracting, said Daniel Simons,a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois,where he studies the science of attention.NYT NEWS SERVICE

Source: Times of india