Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is your business “consumer-friendly” for international e-commerce? -check-list

Do you clearly disclose on your website:
About You:
✔ what kind of business you operate?
✔ your physical business address, including the country, and an email address or a telephone number consumers can use to contact you easily?

About the Sale:
✔ what you are selling, with enough details that consumers can make an informed buying decision?
✔ a list of total costs you’ll collect from the customer, and the currency used?
✔ the existence of other routine costs?
✔ any restrictions or limitations on the sale?
✔ any warranties or guarantees associated with the sale?
✔ an estimation of when the buyer should receive the order?
✔ details about the availability of convenient and safe payment options?

About Your Consumer Protections:
✔ your return policy, including an explanation of how a consumer can return an item, get a refund or credit or make an exchange?
✔ where the consumer should call, write or email with complaints or problems?
✔ the opportunity for consumers to keep a record of the transaction?
✔ your policies on sending unsolicited email solicitations to consumers, including an opportunity for consumers to decline these offers?
✔ information about easy-to-use and affordable dispute resolution programs you participate in?

Do you use Fair Business, Advertising
and Marketing Practices?
✔ Do you provide truthful, accurate and clear information on your website?
✔ Can you back up the claims you make about your goods and services?
✔ Are your advertising and marketing materials identifiable to consumers as such?
✔ Do you disclose who’s sponsoring an ad if it’s not otherwise clear to consumers?
✔ Do you respect consumers’ choices not to receive email solicitations?
✔ Do you take special care when advertising to children?

Do you use Fair Information Practices
that include:
✔ notice to consumers about your information collection practices, such as what personally identifiable information you collect, how you use it, and whether and with whom you share it?
✔ choices about how personally identifiable information is used and whether it is shared with others?
✔ procedures to ensure accuracy, including, for example, allowing consumers reasonable access to their information?
✔ security measures appropriate to the transactions on your website?