Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rural BPOs need of the hour | Rural BPO to employ rural unemployed youths

Rural BPOs need of the hour:  Rural BPO will be need of the hour for coming years. The cost of maintaining and running office in Tier-1 and 2 has become costly and some of the process cannot even break-even due to low margin.

Companies need to look for annual increment , increased rent in costly areas, inflation etc... On the other side Rural side areas rental value will be very cheap and one can find minimum educated folks to work.This will give employment opportunities to rural unemployed youths as well as reduce the manpower cost to the company which operates back office to process the work.

None of the BPO requires pash office nor look to impress the client as most of the BPO's work as back-end office for their US or UK client.

But still it is not so easy to set-up BPO in rural areas as compared to cities. Power,water, infrastructure etc. Rural BPO's may not provide good option for high skilled back end work as the rural unemployed folks will be having basic education background which may hinder the growth of the process which rural BPO's plan to execute.