Tuesday, January 3, 2012

L1 US visas given to Indian professionals has declined

L1 US visas given to Indian professionals has declined:

For the first time giving credence to complaints that America is making it difficult for software companies such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services to send their employees to their biggest market.Approvals for L-1 visas,on which Indian software companies rely to send their most skilled professionals on assignments to the US,were 28% lower at 25,898 in 2011,data from an independent public policy think-tank show.

On the other hand,such visa approvals rose by 15% for applicants from the rest of the world,leading to concerns that India is singled out for attention.This shows an enormous gap in visas issued as well as approval/denial rates between posts in India and the rest of the world,raising policy questions as to whether this great disparity is the result of a conscious policy at US posts in India, the National Foundation for American Policy stated in its report.

if we see feedback of US L1 or H1b rejection stories most people in the software industry believe there is a deliberate policy of discrimination against Indians but they are wary of voicing their opinions publicly for fear of antagonising the American government.Som Mittal,president of software industry lobby Nasscom,said even American companies such as IBM and Accenture have been affected because the high rejection rates prevent many of their India-based staff from travelling to the US.

It makes executing projects very difficult but not a fatal issue for business in the long term.Companies need to reduce their dependence on such work permits. Total IT labour export to US from india counts between 25000 to 30000 out of which 40% is the share of L1 Visa category.