Monday, February 20, 2012

Free 1040 filing | How to e-file your 1040 for free using

How to file 1040 freely using

There are many free e-filing sites available for the tax payers whose gross income is $57000 or less.If your income is $57,000 or less, let Free File brand-name software do the hard work for you with free tax preparation and free e-filing. It's available only through, where a number of tax software companies make their products available for free. Some also support state tax returns for free. Go to Free File to take advantage of this option.

One of such free e-filing provider is 

First you need to register by providing needed details.

After creating your user you need to complete all the tabs as given in the next slide..

Once you preview your return and submit it will ask you to submit Bank details for online refund credit.

After submission you will get message as follows:

Thank you for completing and e-filing your tax return with us.

Next, you will be notified by e-mail that your return has been "Accepted" or "Rejected" by the IRS or state tax agency. The IRS and state acknowledgements will be separate e-mail messages and will usually arrive at different times.

What if your return is accepted? Great! You're finished with that return. If you expect a tax refund and selected direct deposit, please look for your refund to arrive in your bank account; if you selected to have the refund check mailed to you, it should arrive in about 4 weeks. 

What if your return is rejected? Don't panic! In most cases a rejection is due to a simple typo or a math error. Please sign in and follow the instructions to correct the errors that caused the rejection. When you're done, just e-file your return again. There's no charge to e-file, and you can resubmit as many times as you need until it is accepted by the IRS or state. 

Once your 1040 is approved your will get filed copy acknowledgement with the following message as 

The 2011 FEDERAL tax return associated with this email address was electronically filed with the MeF Service Center on 2/20/2012 using a PIN as your signature for the tax return.

The Document Control Number (DCN) for the return is 00-00000-0000-0. It was acknowledged as ACCEPTED by the IRS on 2/19/2012.
Please keep the attached PDF with your other tax records for at least 3 years.