Thursday, March 21, 2013

H1b Visa proposed to be doubled from 65,000 to 130,000


Washington: The united states is poised to turn the so called outsourcing visa into a talent importing programme. American lawmakers square measure on the verge of overhauling immigration laws,including the notorious H-1 B visa,which critics say has been widely victimized by body shoppers and outsourcing giants to bring in underpaid foreign (mainly Indian) technology employees to displace Americans from the men.

Under new proposals being thought of by a senate panel,the number of H-1 B visas can really be doubled from the present 65,000 to 130,000 to handle the continuing shortage of specific skillful employees within the America.But the first beneficiaries will not be outsourcing corporations World Health Organization rotate employees between the America and home countries,but foreign students World Health Organization return to review in America, World Health Organization will be enticed to stay back, work here,and contribute to the America economy.

Industrious foreign students World Health Organization pay prime dollar to graduate from America universities in science,technology,engineering and math (STEM) subjects can virtually have H-1 B visas eventually resulting in green Cards fastened to their degrees,if the proposals bear.Over 100,000 Indians students square measure enrolled in America universities at any given time, with thousands returning in each year.The student influx is already aforesaid to contribute quite $3 billion annually to the America economy.

In the process, relations of us voters waiting to immigrate to America could get shafted.Among the proposals into consideration is one which is able to reduce the quantity of green Cards to siblings,parents and grown kids of immigrants World Health Organization have become America voters.The restriction will not apply to spouses and underage kids.

In effect,Washington is step by step shifting its immigration policy from being family unification centered to economic and skillbased immigration.In other words,prospective immigrants can have a more robust likelihood of moving to America if they need a required talent set rather than simply having a relative within the America.

Tough negotiations square measure happening within the Congress on all aspects of the visa makeover.Powerful technology giants like Microsoft,IBM,and Google want foreign employees because they assert there's a genuine skills shortage within the America and that they have benefited from infusion of foreign talent.

In a letter to President Obama and lawmakers last week,a number of high-profile CEOs,including Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg and Yahoos Marissa Mayer,said that having the ability to rent additional high-skilled employees and retain foreign students enrolled in US country|North American nation} schools is key to keeping American firms globally competitive.Tech firms fear that yank schools square measure failing to produce enough graduates with advanced science and engineering degrees.

But lawmakers are also buffeted by a vicious anti-immigrant sentiment on the bottom,including some directed against the H1-B visa program and Indian employees.Not that pro-H 1B groups square measure keeping quiet.A Washington Post story on the topic evoked many comments,many of them xenophobic and borderline racist.