Tuesday, May 14, 2013

US Against raising H1B cap

knowledgeable America body of engineers has asked the Senators to reject any move to increase the amount of H-1B visas, well-liked among Indian professionals, disputation that it has a damaging impact on american economy.In a statement issued yesterday, IEEE-USA - the biggest american body of skilled engineers asked the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject amendments to the great immigration bill that would increase H-1B temporary visa numbers, weaken safeguards for America and foreign staff and facilitate the outsourcing of american jobs.

"Outsourcing is damaging to United States staff and the American economy. we need laws that promote America job growth, not encourage it to go away our shores," IEEE-USA president marc Apter aforesaid."

We encourage the Senate to maintain the hi-tech provisions as written," aforesaid Apter."Efforts to destroy the balanced compromise that went into crafting the legislation can make it more difficult to enact into law," he added.The committee is anticipated to start debating amendments to the "Border Security, Economic chance and Immigration improvement Act" (S.744).Senators Orrin Hatch and plug-ugly Cruz have introduced amendments to increase the annual H-1B visa cap from 65,000 to between 300,000 and 325,000."When exemptions area unit enclosed, this is able to equal roughly 10 percent of the full America 
engineering work force. this is troubling in light-weight of recent reports that the highest 10 companies mistreatment H-1B visas specialize in shipping american jobs offshore," IEEE-USA aforesaid.Other amendments would strip the bill of language preventing companies from replacement Americans with lower-cost H-1B workers; weakening language requiring companies to rent qualified America citizens before seeking associate degree H-1B; and making it easier for companies to discriminate against Americans when hiring."We see no justification for any H-1B increase though we'll accept the modest enlargement in S.744 in light-weight of latest work force protections embodied within the bill's high-skill provisions," Apter adventitious.