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Herbal Remedies As Dietary Supplements


Herbal Remedies As Dietary Supplements:

What Are Dietary Supplements

In the US, as per the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, herbal supplements fall in the category of dietary supplements. These need to confirm to the following parameters:

·         Such products will supplement the food we eat

·   There will be one or more beneficial ingredients of the different categories like herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acid, botanicals and others

·         Can be sold in the form of liquid, capsules, pills or tablets

·         Have to be labeled a dietary supplement

Herbal supplements, as per official definition, are those dietary supplements that have a preventive or medicinal purpose. Such supplements are targeted to aid the health of different body parts like the bones skin or the liver.

Use Of Herbal Supplements

It is known that vitamins and minerals are often sold as dietary supplements. Many doctors will recommend these supplements to their patients who are recovering from different ailments. Herbal supplements on the other hand, consist of ingredients that have medicinal value. Herbs form the basis of some of the oldest medicinal practices, long before chemical drugs were invented. Many civilizations have believed in the power of herbs and their healing properties. As per the facts obtained from World Health Organization, about eighty percent of the world population still continues to rely on traditional therapies derived from plants. Even though these methods work more slowly than the mainstream medicine, they are known to promote general good health in the long run.

How To Gain Health Benefits From Herbal Supplements

It is known that, all kinds of dietary supplements have some benefit or the other. But they cannot be used as substitute for regular diet. Many people in the Western counties and in cities are dependent on processed food, foods high in fats, oils and sugar and these ruin their health in the long run. To counter such adverse effects, herbal supplements come of use. In order to gain maximum benefits from herbal supplements, it is necessary to have a sound and balanced diet plan. However, for some people the herbal supplements come of greater use:

·         Seniors who wish to prevent old age ailments like memory loss, loss of strength in bones and muscles and to improve their digestive powers

·         Those who have chronic disorders and have been prescribed such supplements as a safe and natural cure for the long term

·         Those who live fast lives and eat unhealthy food items may find relief from herbal supplements

Supplement And Not Substitute

You need to pay due emphasis on the term “supplement”. It has to add to your basic lifestyle and diet and not act as a substitute. Such a supplement can aid a therapy that you are undergoing for treating a medical condition. It is best that one does not self prescribe such supplements. One should refer to their doctor before such herbal supplements can be added to one’s medication regime.

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